Velvet Blazers for whole family: Him, Her and a Little ones.

More and more celebs and fashion VIPs are seen in velvet blazers or suits in bold colours. Truth is this look holds a certain vintage elegance to it, something like fashion guru meets stylish vampire.

I am very impress with high street velvet Blazers these season. I think the main focus here should be on great cut, sleek and sharp design, rather than slouchy one, which tend to look a bit cheap in velvet. Go for good quality fabric, and then you can choose how to style it: elegant refine look or vintage inspired ” I haven`t tried too hard” look.

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10 best Christmas advent calendars for 2017.

So, when we think of Advent Calendar first thing springs in to our minds is – “Chocolate”. Probably, most of us love chocolate, however for those who doesn`t or for those who are watching that precious waist line, there are many exciting option available this year, I am glad to say.

What are the options? From beauty products to vodka to candles, I have looked around and searched the whole internet to find the best alternatives out there and picked my favourites for you to consider.
What do we want from advent calendar ? Well, for me it has to be: presentation , how inviting and festive the calendars looked displayed in my home, and of course the quality of the presents behind each door. Another very important factor is – whether the calendars are good value for money.

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9 Simple daily habits to help you to start your weight lose journey and to stay slim, healthy and beautiful.

Nowadays, we are condition with the image of so called “perfect body”. Society tells us what kind of body image we should strive for. We see images of “perfect bodies” all around us, on television, in movies, in newspaper and magazine ads and online. In today’s modern world there is a large emphasis on looks and appearance, but staying healthy is also important for your mental and emotional health. While everyone is different, there are many things you can do to ensure you are feeling and looking your best . These include improving your lifestyle and cutting out any unhealthy habits, keeping active and not over-indulging on rich foods. Strive for your own perfect body!

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The ultimate party collection. Little Black Dress Alisha Dixon style.

I know, I know… It is a bit early to talk about Christmas parties. It is still October! However, walking around the shops, seeing all the Christmas decoration coming out, receiving invitations for office Christmas parties and charity events make us, ladies, think about the Dress :).

And to be honest with you, I love this upcoming time of the year. Time when you can wear glitz and glamour, lace and velvet, when big brands are doing their collaboration with celebrities, bringing the best and most fabulous dresses.

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My new found secret to natural hair care. Siberica -Organic active oils, No SLS and No parabens.

Right, if you are one of those people who constantly search for  hair care products, that has no junk, no chemicals, no SLS, no Parabens, no Mineral Oils etc. yet does make your hair look and feel great, you will definitely find this article interesting.
I am not an ambassador or neither was I paid to wire this article by this particular brand, I am just the woman who used this product  now for several month and genuinely impressed with it. So, I decided to share my true opinion. Healthy, Strong and shiny – attributes of perfect hair. To get perfect hair, you need to follow perfect hair solutions and practice healthy hair care tips & habits.

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It is all about fashion trainers.

Stylish and comfy? Lets talk about the fashion trainer trend, that is taking the fashion world by storm and surprise. How to wear them in the real world.

What if I told you that there existed a pair of shoes with a price tag that is within all of our reach, that still say ‘fashion’ and ,the best part, guaranteed, will not kill you when you walk? I have a feeling, this is the trend that will just keep giving and –it’s not going anywhere just yet.

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How to wear white this season

One of my favourite colours to wear is white. It could be your favourite plain white shirt, white summer dress, head to toe white look or just an addition of a white blazer … You must admit , white makes every outfit look a bit more refine, more chique. There’s a pristine quality to the brightest of shades – white – […]

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In- flight travel beauty essentials

Well, the weather is getting warmer now and most of us are planning a summer holiday somewhere warm. I love travelling. The question I have every time before my holiday is …. What beauty essentials should I take on the plane? I used to have so many beauty products, just in case stuff, that I usually never use during my flight. The traveller`s beauty choice is always unique. However, after travelling so many time, I managed to narrow it down to some must have items in my beauty bag.

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Yes or No to Fashion Maxi Dresses? From Melissa Odabash to ASOS- find the perfect one for you.

Last couple of days has been nice and sunny in UK, so I have been inspired to search for my new fashion maxi dress. I love maxi dresses. However, I am not tall, so I have to be careful what shape and material of maxi dress I wear. It’s nearly summer, which means most likely, no matter where you live, the long, billowy, self-consciously bohemian dresses will be a must have.

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Amazing places I visited in Marrakech. March, 2017.

Marrakech- the city I always wanted to visit. I have read and heard about it so much, but visiting and seeing it is totally different experience.
A trip to Marrakesh can present many different experiences from maze-like souqs, where thousands of stall holders sell anything from cactus silk scarves to aromatic herbs and Arabian-style lamps, that are often draws people to Marrakesh to most amazing, full of history palaces and Mosques.

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The perfect day in Aldford, my favourite village, 09.04.2017

On a fine spring day, like today,  Aldford looks like a film set for a Miss Marple story. The houses and gardens are all in perfect order.  There is a church, village hall, post office and the remains of a Norman motte and bailey castle. The public house is the Grosvenor Arms, dating from 1867, which may at one time have refreshed the ploughman.  Now it caters for a more fashionable clientele, with black pudding and Lancashire cheese fritters served with plum and apple chutney.

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