Hi, my name is Samira and I live in the North West of England, in the beautiful and historical city of Chester. You should visit this lovely city one day, you will LOVE it. If you need any advice where to stay, what to see, where to go, etc., please do get in touch.

So, why My Avenue 27? Myavenue27.com is the website where I can share my style tips, latest findings in beauty, fashion and health products also, I love travelling around the world, so I will be taking you with me to all the countries and places. With so much information and products available around us these days, it is very easy to be confused. I love my fashion, make up and beauty products, also I am an absolute fanatic of workout videos and can provide you with good health tips. I will be sharing my experiences, testimonial and products reviews soon.

In addition, I will be searching for the best offers and availabilities online and shops, to make sure you know about it ASAP and don`t miss out. I just love bargains, as long as I do not compromise on quality of products and services.

A little about myself, as I mentioned before, my name is Samira. I am a part time model, handbag & jewellery designer, personal shopper and stylist, a mother of 2 beautiful children, wife and, as I would like to think, a savvy shopper.

If you would like to let me know about your product or you would like me to test, review, write a testimonial or create a blog, please get in touch with me here .

If you have anything that you want to discuss with me? Or if you just want to be friends, then I don’t mind at all. This could well be the beginning of our professional friendship.

Just get in touch here and I will get back to you.

Get connected with me :

FB: Samira Orme

Instagram: Samira_Orme

Twitter: MyAvenue27

Love, Samira xxx


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