Hair extensions – Yes or No?

Hair extensions are definitely a way of getting long, thick hair without having to wait for ages until it gets how you want it to be.

But the questions is ” Are hair extensions a YES or a NO for you ?”.

Many of us who has considered buying hair extensions, will ask these questions at some point.
“Will I be able to wear them?”, “Will they damage my hair?” and the famous “Will they be noticeable ”.
These are all typical questions that every hair extensions user has had before actually getting one .Let`s try to go through some of the burning question .

Are hair extensions for everyone?

Yes, they are. As long as you learn how to wear them and how to take care of them, I don’t see any reason why someone who wants longer or thicker hair couldn’t use them.

Do hair extensions damage your own hair?

It depends. They shouldn’t do. But there are so many types of hair extensions, some of them can and will do .


If they may damage our hair, why do so many people wear them?

My love affair with extensions began three years ago, and I’ve adored them since. Going longer can be a pretty big step and quite a commitment: the results are dependent on the type of extensions and the system used to apply them.

Rather than try them all, here’s some advice from someone who has.



Clip-in method


Me, wearing clip-in extensions

Fun and noncommittal but typically “fake” looking, you can wash and style them just like your own hair. They can get  worn-looking from frequent use and the quality varies widely. Choose real over synthetic as they’re more durable with washing and styling.

Durability: Highly dependent on frequency of use.

Glue-In/Keratin Bond/Pre-bonded


Bonded/ Glued method


me, wearing bonded extensions

These are attached to the hair via little keratin bonds at the tip of the extension which are fused with a little hot tool. These are extremely popular and look great, but require significant upkeep and regular salon appointments for maintenance. As well as that, you need to avoid putting conditioners, oils or heated appliances near the connection, as these things will weaken the bond and possibly lead to your extensions coming out much earlier than they should.

For maximum longevity with this system, remember to condition only the lengths. If you’re blow-drying, dry the lengths first, then tip your head forward to dry your real hair–don’t blast the bonds with heat!

Durability: 3 months, but if you look after them well by yourself you could get 4 or 5 months out of them! I’ve gone this long in the past.

I personally would not recommend them, especially if you travelling or living in warm climate. Your hair`s natural oil make them loose and uncomfortable , and It did damage my hair.



Sewn-in extensions are ideal for coarse, curly or thick hair that’s able to handle them. They’re applied by being sewn into a tightly-braided section of the client’s own, natural hair. This is one I also have an experience with. I love this method, works for me. Hair looks really natural; you can carry on using your own hair care and does not need any particular care, just look after it as you would with your own hair.

These extensions require salon visits are advised every six weeks or so to ensure the section where it’s sewn is in good condition, and, as these extensions are woven into the client’s own hair, the stylist will also want to assess if they need to be “tightened up”.

Durability: Depends on the quality of the hair and whether or not your own hair can handle the weight of the extensions. However, salon visits every six to eight weeks are highly advisable.

I love this method, works for me every time. No hassle at all, you can carry on using your shampoo and conditioner, no special brushed etc. Will not someone with thin hair and someone struggling with migraine or headaches .

Kim Kardashian`s sister Kourtney almost always wear weaves. Meaning she gets her hair braided in tracks – and has the extensions sewn on to them.


Me, wearing sewn in extensions



I’d like to clear up this misconception: tape extensions, if properly applied and cared for and made with good quality hair, are absolutely amazing.

They are connected by wide bonds that look like two bits of seller tape. Your own hair is placed between them and they are clamped around the strands. The wide, rather than skinny bonds, ensure they don’t look stringy after a few washes. They’re dreamy, luscious and if you’re kind to them they’ll last for ages.

Have not used one myself yet .

Durability: Things can get tangled as your own hair starts to grow, but they’ll be good for up to five or even six months without a big maintenance job. They could be very pricey.



A hugely popular system, They claim to be pretty much damage-free as there’s no glue, no heat, no tape and no sewing.

Before you make any decision, I would highly recommend to have  a consultation with a technician and get informed about what’s on offer. Ask to see a sample of the hair, both dry and wet so you can see how it washes, and check that it’s been ethically sourced and hasn’t been over-processed.

In caring for your extensions, just use common-sense: these things are attached to your head via a type of bond, and the hair weighs on this bond. Don’t pull on them or snag them when washing or brushing, and avoiding weighing them down with too much conditioner or products. Always blow-dry them to avoid tangles, and take care when hitting the dye or bleach bottle; test an inconspicuous strand to see how it reacts.

Problems can arise: if you find your extensions feel extremely tight or uncomfortable and it’s been over a week since you got them, go and see your technician to figure out what adjustments they can make. Too-tight extensions can cause traction alopecia or sores on the scalp and neck, so if things don’t feel right it’s best to get them checked out quickly.

Extensions aren’t just for length: they can add volume and or a subtle enhancement to your own hair. Also, the systems can be tweaked for people with thinning hair or bald patches, make sure you do your thorough research .

Hair types

The reason I am writing about VIP Tresses mainly, because I personally used their hair and services -very pleased with it. I used 100% Human Hair Extensions.  Extensions been coloured , used  in hot countries, used rollers and straighteners on them- hair is still perfect. Though, I do look after my hair extensions very well, like my own hair.

Ladies , salons and businesses,  who want to purchase the hair extension by VIP Tresses, please follow the link HERE.

About The VIP Tresses Shop

VIP Tresses supplies the highest quality 100% Human Hair Extensions, Remy Hair Extensions, Heat Resistant Synthetic Half Head Wigs/Instant Weaves, Multi Layer Clip In Hair Extensions, Ponytails, Haircare, Hair Accessories and more…

They also offer a bespoke made to measure clip in hair extensions service. Supply them with 3 measurements and they will make your clip ins for you to measure your head nice and snug.

I live in Chester, so, for all those ladies who lives near by,  I would highly recommend to pop in to shop and have a chat to the lovely ladies there ,who can explain everything to you and you can have a chance to see the quality of the hair in a flesh .

VIP Tresses address:
22 Watergate Street,

Phone: +(44) 01244 409440

Love, Samira xxx

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