How To Make Money From Your Blog

As all your bloggers out there, we know it takes a lot of time and hard work to develop a blog and gain a readership. Most bloggers want to see their hard work and dedication is justified by providing a stable income.

I first started using blogging platforms myself in 2011. I had an e-commerce website and blog attached to it . It was all about fashion and beauty. I did not have a clue that you can actually earn money from it. It took me a lot of reading, listening webinars and following the system some big earning bloggers use out there, to understand the way of earning money from my blog.

It was not until 2014, that I launched my first commercial blog. I knew that I could make money with the blog, but if I am completely honest with all of you, I never really looked too far into the future and considered how I would actually make the blog profitable. Thankfully, I was able to learn through experience and make the blog profitable over the first year. So, the blog your are reading now is my latest creation.

Today I would like to share my experience of developing profitable blogs and show you the most common ways to monetize a blog.

Now that you have your blog set up and traffic is coming your way, you’re ready to start monetizing your blog.


You must have seen or heard about some people,  who make a lot of money from blogs. Some people aren’t even afraid to show it off to their readers. Here are a couple of folks who do extremely well with blogging:

  1. Pat Flynn from makes around $80,000 per month (he started his blog 5-6 years ago, though).
  2. Lindsay from makes around $20,000 per month (she started her blog in 2010).
  3. Regina from makes around $7,000 per month.


1) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing ( please follow my blog, as I will be writing a page “How to become an Affiliate”, it will be free to read ) is a type of performance-based marketing. As the blogger, you include links to a product, banners or other form of advertisings, also ,It could be a  service offered through another business’s affiliate program. If one of your visitors clicks on that link and purchases the good or service, you’ll receive a cut of the cost.

A large number of online shops and services offer an affiliate program to website owners that pays commissions to those that generate sales for them. The affiliate program usually pays a set fee or a percentage of the overall sales price. Percentages occasionally vary between products. For example, Amazon Associates pays up to 8.5% for Kindle books and 5% for music and movies.

That’s how I monetize my blog here at My Avenue 27.

If you choose to join an affiliate program, it’s always a good idea to:

  1. Find your niche and promote products relevant to your niche.
  2. Only promote products you’ve personally used and recommend.
  3. Include a disclaimer on your site as to not mislead your readers. Something in the line of  Disclosure: I earn commissions from some of the services (mostly web hosting) that I recommend on my blog.This means I’m sponsored/affiliated with so and so …


2) Google AdSense

Some people create self-hosting blog ( please follow my blog, as I will be writing a page “How to create your own blog”, it will be free to read )   just for ads and Google AdSense is one of the most popular ad networks around. Simply put, you make money by displaying ads on your site. There are two ways to start earning cash from Google AdSense:

  1. Based on impressions: This depends on page views. For instance, for every 1,000 page views you get, you earn a set dollar amount.
  2. Based on clicks: Regardless of page views, if a visitor clicks on the ad from your site, you’ll earn a certain cut of the ad revenue. This can range anywhere from $0.01 to a couple of dollars depending on the ad.

AdSense is compatible with free Blogger blogs and self-hosted WordPress blogs, just to let you know it won’t work with a free WordPress blog (although you can monetize with WordAds if you have a custom domain).



3) Products

Over time, bloggers gain a high level of trust and loyalty from their readers. This makes blogs the perfect platform for launching products. A blog with targeted traffic can make a huge amount of money by selling products directly to readers.

Popular products include books, membership websites, courses, software, t-shirts, and accessories. As long as the product you market is closely related to your blog’s topic, it will sell. To get an idea of what you could sell to your readers, take a look at similar blogs within your niche and see what they are selling.

4) Sponsored Reviews & Paid Posts

Advertisers are always looking for ways to promote the products and services they sell. A popular way for them to increase sales is to pay for a review on a suitable blog.

A sponsored review refers to a review that you have written about a product or service for a fee. A paid post refers to an article that an advertiser has written and wants you to publish it on your blog for a fee.

As I have learn through my experience, it is always better to do sponsored reviews to ensure the quality of content remains high. Paid posts are an easier way to make money as you simply copy the article onto your website and click publish. I always try the product and give my honest opinion about it, not what advertisers want to hear. Your followers trust you and your opinion, do not take it for granted.

As your blog gains more traffic, you will approached by advertisers about sponsored reviews and paid posts more frequently. I encourage you to test them out with your audience; however be sure to place a disclaimer with every paid post that the post is an advertisement (or readers will wrongly assume you wrote the article).

5) Email Marketing

Email marketing ( please follow my blog, as I will be writing a page “How to create your own email list”, it will be free to read ) is the ultimate marketing tool for bloggers. It allows you to instantly deliver your message directly to the inbox of readers. This makes it a more powerful marketing tool than Facebook or Twitter.

I encourage you all to start building your email list now. Do not wait until your blog is established. You should be collecting emails from day one. This will allow you to market all the products, services and monetization methods we have discussed in his post so far.

Email marketing is what separates hobby bloggers from professional bloggers. If you can build a list of a few thousand email subscribers, you are half way to owning a profitable blog.

I use MailChimp



6) Social Network Marketing

Also, do not underestimate the power of Social Marketing. You have to get your new blog out there to gain more traffic, and I am not talking about paid fake Instagram and Facebook followers. You have to engage with likeminded people, who share your passion and interest. Some companies offer to do that on your behalf, or, they will engage with your ideal customer, get your following going on Instagram and that will put your blog on the map. Also, you can start earning a passive income even on the basic option. I have used them, so I can help you if you have any questions and concerns, just ask. Have a look at my Instagram page here

Need more advice?

I’ll answer all your blogging related questions for free, just follow my blog, ask your question in comment area or send me direct message here for detailed answer.




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