Benefits of Using Instagram For Your Business

As visual content becomes more popular on Social Media, it also becomes increasingly important for brands to create and leverage. This shift to visual social media means that more and more businesses, big and small, are starting to communicate visually with their fans, followers and customers.


After reading so many article , going through, what potentially could be the best way promoting my blog and other Affiliate business I involved in , I decided to try some of the methods.

I have pretty active FB account, Twitter is not my preferred social networking tool , however, I realised that we want to be able instantly share, see, ask about the product we are looking for. So, here comes Instagram !

You can go live, you can easily post pictures ,videos of yourself ,that gives others what are you all about.

One of the most popular platforms that will enable you to leverage the power of this shift is Instagram.

With over 150 million users, Instagram is one of the best and most-used photo sharing platform, enabling you to share photos, as well as short videos, with your followers. There are over 55 million photos shared on Instagram every day (source: Mind Jumpers) which is another great reason why your business needs to utilise this platform.



Key Benefits

There are lots of perks that Instagram can generate for your business, so let’s have a look at the top 6 key benefits.

Increased Engagement

Depending on the quality of the post, branded updates on Facebook and Twitter are sometimes overlooked by the user. However this isn’t true for Instagram users; having an active Instagram account with useful and interesting content can earn you crazy levels of engagement with your audience. Latest study by Forrester found that Instagram content generates 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook and 120 times more than Twitter.

Building Trust And Personality

With branded content being more popular for generating engagement, one of the key benefits of Instagram is that it can help you build trust. People buy from people and Instagram will help you to create that emotional connection with your audience. The great thing here is that it allows you to share the day-to-day experiences of your business in an informal and casual way – therefore giving a personal feel to your business.

Increase In Traffic

Although you can’t add clickable links to every Instagram update you publish, Instagram can be a powerful source of traffic. Plus with the higher levels of engagement than on Facebook and Twitter, creating and maintaining a strong profile could be hugely beneficial for your site’s visibility.

Gaining A Competitive Advantage

There is still far less competition on Instagram than on Facebook or Twitter. Plus the businesses that incorporate Instagram into their marketing strategy will more likely reach their target audience far easier than with Facebook or Twitter where the competition is much bigger.

Reaching Target Market

Instagram is the go-to platform for many unique users. By attracting, engaging, and interacting with like minded individuals within your given niche, one is able to connect, scale, and monetize their account(s).

This process is generally long and arduous, I know it .. I have been a business owner for about 12 years now. I was doing it myself and it is so time consuming and your are lucky to get 5-10 genuine  follower a day, who will engage with you  and be interested in your business.

The key is to reach right audience, interest wise and geologically. I used some companies and spent some money ,but none of them delivered. Until I came across these guys.

My followers have increased , engagement is so good, I do not have time to respond to all of them and the main think, the business is growing …finally I found someone who can deliver.

If you think of Increasing your Instagram following, Grow your influence, grow your business genuinely, organically – give this guys a go .

They even provide a Free Ebook

How it works

The service is designed to be an extremely hassle-free Instagram growth strategy. In fact, it’s so hassle-free that once you fill out our questionnaire, you’re good to go! There is literally no effort needed on your end, and that’s the beauty of it.

They get you leads

By interacting, engaging, and peaking the curiosity of potential leads through their system, they are able to generate leads daily for their customers who in turn are able to promote whatever business they’re in.

Organic, genuine, followers

It’s a known fact that fake, inactive “follower” accounts can be purchased for as little as £5. This is one of the main reasons this company thrive for – to help people grow through genuine growth. This service connects networks of people together- people they didn’t even know existed before! By networking with these individuals, you’re able to develop a connection and open up different avenues of revenue generation.

How do they do it?

By using the answers you provide through the questionnaire, we can pinpoint your target market (people interested in what you are sharing, selling, or providing). These are real, humans. These are real people, genuinely interested in what you have to provide; not just some dead accounts.

Location Targeting

Are you a local business, professional, or just someone that wants to connect with people in the same area? Good. They provide geo-target custom audiences to give you access to people around you. The automated messaging system is key to engaging with these users. Once you’re in the system, the program will start a conversation with your newfound followers.

Who do they work with ? Are you one of them?


What features do they offer to their unique customer??


You can also become an affiliate with them and earn a steady income, 5+figure income.

Pricing and Service

 Free Ebook

Find more about the company here

If you have used any other successful tools to increase your leads and following, please share.

The more of us shares the experiences and opinions ,the less of us will make mistakes.


If you have any question please do not hesitate and get in touch here . I am here to help as much as I can

Love , Samira x

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