Do`s and don’ts of Christmas party outfits for men

It is 10th of December, 2016 and I believe the Christmas party season has truly began. As we know, ladies could spend days or even weeks planning their perfect party outfit, and we usually have more than couple of options.

However, we shouldn’t forget that what makes us looking even better, is perfectly dressed man next to us. I don`t know about you, but I love buying clothes for my husband ,even though, I must admit, he has an impeccable taste. So, I have put some ideas together and I hope my male readers will agree or even better, let me know what changes would you like to make. Share some of your ideas with me .

If you’re yet to attend your office party then be sure to make a note of this list of dos and don’ts so you aren’t  making fashion mistakes you’ll be regretting all the way into 2017.
DO find out the dress code. It just must !

Make sure you’re aware of what the actual dress code is. Usually it will be smart-casual, however you’re better off playing it safe and finding out – the last thing you want is to turn up in jeans to a smart do. Ask around and get an idea of what others are wearing or what people wore last year, this should give you a better idea of what look to go for.
Do not wear your work suit. It is just not cool .This is one of the main things to avoid – whatever you do don’t wear one of the suits you regularly wear to work. You’ll only look like you haven’t made any effort and it probably won’t make the best way of ending the year. If you’re out of ideas for clothes try switching up your work trousers for jeans (smart jeans) to at least add a bit personality to your look.

Look #1

Gant outfit 1.jpg

  1. Duchamp .Black velvet-effect polka dot jacket

  2. Duchamp .White pure cotton diamond shirt

  3. GANT Vermont Watch

  4. GANT Diamond G Reversible Suit Belt

  5. GANT Spencer Oxford Shoe

  6. GANT Regular Fit Black Jeans

  7. GANT Snowflake Scarf

Please note : Duchamp items available now here at 60%RRP for LIMITED time only ( 3 days). You will have to go through quick registration.

Look #2


You have asked me where to get the perfect velvet blazer for a man this festive season. Well, after searching around I have managed to pick some of my favourites. All though, burgundy seems to be dominating the theme this year, I found some other interesting blazer ideas . Hope you like it.


1. Devil’s Advocate Textured Velvet Blazer

2. Farah Skinny Velvet Blazer with Shawl Lapel

3. Noose & Monkey Super Skinny Blazer In Velvet with Contrast Collar

4. HUGO by Hugo Boss Arian Velvet Tux Blazer Satin Lapel

5. Devils Advocate Velvet Blazer With Shawl Collar

6. Number Eight Savile Row Velvet Tuxedo Jacket with Satin Lapel


1.ASOS Super Skinny Blazer In Purple Velvet

2.River Island Regular Fit Velvet Blazer In Midnight Blue

3.Noose & Monkey Super Skinny Blazer In Velvet with Contrast Collar

4.Reiss Velvet Slim Blazer

5.Farah Skinny Velvet Blazer with Shawl Lapel

 6. Number Eight Savile Row Velvet Skinny Tuxedo Jacket with Satin Lapel

 7. Noose & Monkey Super Skinny Blazer In Floral Velvet with Shawl Lapel

8. Noose & Monkey Super Skinny Blazer In Floral Velvet with Shawl Lapel

Find more availability and variations here

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

DON’T forget the weather

As cold as it gets during the day, evenings tend to get even colder so make sure you have enough layers. The perfect way to go about it is with a smart coat which you can remove once inside and throw back on when it’s time to leave and embrace the chill outside.


Do try velvet 

Velvet is big this season, and I have to admit – I like it . Just make sure you pick the right cut for your body shape. Also, it will be very much appreciated by fashionistas amongst the crowd. You might not have considered velvet but it’s certainly a material which can work very well when used in moderation and it’s texture has a festive feel to it. Throw on a velvet blazer in black or burgundy to create a sharp look  that’ll have you standing out amongst the Christmas party crowd.

This season, it’s all about velvet – so what better time to infuse your wardrobe with this dashingly dapper jacket from Duchamp. From the striking all-black hue, to the velvet-effect composition and polka dot patterning, this head-turning piece will leave no one in any doubt of your peerless credentials. Fold a handkerchief into your top pocket for a truly Victoriana effect. Please note, this item was £215 and now only £79, available here for next 3 days only. So hurry!


DON’T opt for novelty items

Office parties tend to involve smart casual looks so steer clear of overtly Christmas themed clothing. While Santa hats and light up sweaters are great fun during the festive period, they’re sure to look out of place at the Christmas party. If you’re really wanting to add some festive cheer to your look then opt for something which isn’t as prominent such as Christmas socks.

DO make sure your clothes are well fitted

The type of clothing you wear is one thing, however there aren’t many items of clothing which will still look good if they aren’t well fitted. You’ll need everything from your shirt, to your blazer, to your jeans to sit just right if you want to look your very best.

Some of my favourite item available at the moment online:

1.Crafted in Portugal from smooth suede,  new Corby Shoe by Boden with  a signature navy rubber sole as a true sign of quality. Dress up or down with a suit or jeans – this shoe is your everyday go to.

Available here , at 30% off for the next 2 days only.


2. Bermondsey Blazer.This blazer’s brushed cotton has come straight from the Sondrio Italian Mill. It feels like wool but it’s more lightweight, making it great on warmer days too (the jacket is also unlined for that reason). A suitably smart style for 9-to-5 with neat jet pockets and an improved tailored fit, while bound seams add a luxurious touch to the inside. Available here in 5 different colours .


3. Cashmere V Neck by Boden. Add a touch of luxury to your day with this classic V-neck. Our rich cashmere design can be dressed up with a blazer and chinos, or paired with jeans and T-shirts for a more casual weekend style. This wonder-jumper is machine washable too – can you believe it? Available here in 5 different colours and 30% off (for next 2 days only)


4. And for a bit of a Luxury Touch, why not go for Vintage Rolex,Daytona stainless steel & white watch.Essential details: this is a pre-owned Rolex Daytona white unisex 116520 watch, 40mm case size in stainless steel, white dial on a stainless steel bracelet, powered by a automatic movement, this Rolex is in excellent condition complete with box only, circa 2009, the case bears the serial number G77****. It is a Christmas time after all 🙂


Just follow these simple dos and don’ts, and I am sure you will look and feel great. The only thing is, let`s hope your behaviour matches your outfit.

Whatever you choose to wear, have a fabulous Christmas party and enjoy yourself.

Love, Samira x

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